I am just a guy in my early thirties who recently realized that I am only a couple of years away from retirement. Personal finance and the pursuit of passive/alternate income (and just free stuff in general) has always been an interest of mine.  My wife and I have always been savers but never even thought that retiring early was possible for “normal” people. But after crunching some numbers, focusing on creating a plan and collecting metrics for a year or two, we realized we are actually almost there.

I have just recently become aware of the financial independence / early retirement (FI/RE) community and want to share my experiences with as many people as possible to help people understand their are better options than working at a job you dislike for 45 years (if you are lucky enough to still be in alive and in good health at that time).  There are plenty of strategies to simplify your life, earn income on your schedule, and still enjoying luxuries like fine dining and first-class travel while you live off income that is barely above the poverty line.  I also realize that the fastest way to get the right answer is to post the “wrong” answers on the internet so I look forward to discussing these concepts with an a larger audience.

Just starting out and looking for answers to specific questions?  Feel free to send me a message: jared@frugal.money



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